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Jules Cachia is a Coach working in the modalities of Breakthwork, Reiki, Mindfulness, Business, Keynote Speaking and Beauty. A session with Jules is an opportunity to gain tools on how to unplug from your mind noise, to connect back to you, to create internal expansion and to mindfully breathe day to day. 

Jules employs an extraordinary method of transformation — she intuitively grasps how crucial it is to channel inner beauty into an external radiance. She collaborates with individuals and collectives, aiding in the creation of a vibrant persona that mirrors our internal universe.

Jules currently concentrates solely on her clientele to empower them with fresh ideas, daily lifestyle tweaks and a deep dive into their inner potential. With her distinctively tender touch, and harnessing tools like breathwork, reiki, perspective coaching, makeup artistry, and beyond, Jules redefines your life from its core by teaching you how to be in your body first and foremost.


" Jules completely organised my photoshoot
for my new business venture. She booked the photographer, did my hair and makeup, talked me through what shots we would create, guided me with breathwork and directed me throughout the shoot on my best angles. She is a holistic 'miracle' worker. She can do it all so you can reach your
business potential "

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